Gym Bubbas are Covid Safe

Covid Safe

Important: Please note that this information is correct as of the time of publishing. This article was last updated 16/08/2021.

It is important to remember that although restrictions are easing the COVID-19 pandemic has not gone away, please ensure you continue to keep yourself and others as safe as possible.

Updated Face Mask Rules

Face coverings are no longer compulsory in the building. However, in line with government advice, we still advise that everyone wears a face covering when they are in contact with people that they don’t normally meet.

Instructors will continue to wear face coverings for very close or prolonged contact supports, with the use for other aspects of the class being relaxed.

As with everything, these rules are subject to change as and when the guidance is updated further.

A Note on Parent Restrictions

We continue to ask that the amount of people in the building is kept to a minimum, as fewer people means less risk. Don’t forget for independent classes (school age) parents/carers are more than welcome to drop and go.

We are continuing to run with reduced numbers of children in all classes.

We also now have the NHS QR code displayed for you to scan, with your phone, using the NHS COVID-19 App. This ensures we remain compliant with the compulsory test and trace system.

Gym Area

Our style of teaching will continue to be a hands-on approach, please let the instructor know if you do not want your child to be supported in class.

Please continue to sanitise your and your child’s hands when entering the gym and on completion of the class. Instructors will also continue to sanitise their hands regularly.

Outside and in the Foyer

Social distancing will no longer be a requirement when in the building, although we still encourage everyone to give each other space where possible. We will continue to use the white line spacing markers on the group mat, as we have found this gives everyone space to complete the skills and has reduced other accidents.

To maintain space and due to cleaning restrictions, the play areas in the foyer will continue to be out of use, however, this will change as the pandemic eases. If siblings attend class with you please ensure you bring an activity to keep them occupied.

We will continue to have 15-minute gaps in between each class allowing for cleaning and the changeover of people, which reduces the number of people in the building at any one time. 

Cleaning and General Information

All equipment, the gym area, foyer, and toilets will be cleaned regularly. Please arrive just 5 minutes before the start of class and leave promptly after, to allow us time to complete the cleaning. Our door signs let you know when you can enter the building or when cleaning is in progress.

Other Information

Our cancellation and make up rule will return to our original policy whereby make up sessions must be completed in the term the tuition is paid. To be able to reschedule a class, sessions must be cancelled with a minimum of 5 hours’ notice.

Coffee machines will be coming back in use and run on an honesty pot basis, so please put £1.00 in the money box next to the machine.

In line with our legal duties, personal information will only be passed on at the request of relevant government agencies.

Please do not attend the gym if you or your child have any symptoms of COVID-19

As always if you have any questions about our new policies and procedures please do not hesitate to contact us.